Newborn Sessions - Photography by Krystina Bullard

The most precious moments in life happen right here.

Remember them in these peaceful times, for they will grow up to do big things.

As you welcome your little one into your life, you’re also trying to get comfortable with the new normal. Whether it’s your first or fifth, there’s always adjustments and it can feel like a tornado of chaos and euphoria. One minute you’re admiring their little facial expressions and the next minute you realize they were working on something…

When every day seems like a new adventure, it’s easy to forget the stillness. When they are completely content in your warmth. When you hold them close and hate to think of the day they’re “too big” for Momma. When you are their entire world, and they are yours.

They will only be this small once – don’t let the moment slip by and get lost in fading memories that are casualty of this fast-paced world we live in.

There will be a lifetime of ups and downs, sweet and sour, snuggles and scrapes, giggles and gripes (you get the idea). My job is to pause time in this brief moment of purity and innocence so you’ll never forget when they were small.

Newborn Session

$ 550
  • minimum 2-hour commitment
  • 30 print-quality digital files (minimum)
  • copyright release for printing
  • in-studio or in-home lifestyle

Check Availability

If you see a time that works, you must book the session here before you can claim the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn sessions take place ‘ideally’ when the baby is 5-10 days old. When completing payment, simply choose a date no more than 10 days after your due date to secure your spot. I understand this is subject to change and we can adjust as needed closer to time.

For studio sessions we focus on multiple portrait settings. I’ll take a variety natural/minimal posed looks, simple props and accessories, and more posed looks. This is all baby led so nothing is forced.

For lifestyle sessions, we capture your little one in the relaxed environment of your home. I will help you find the best natural lighting for the session. Again, everything is baby-led and nothing is forced.

Due to the sensitive nature of working with babies who are just days old, sick babies or parents are not allowed in the studio. It is your responsibility to contact me at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.

I will send a message prior to your session with prep tips for the morning of the session to get your baby ready to sleep as much as possible. I’ve also been called baby whisperer so rest assured we’ll get some good photos!

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