Fresh 48 Sessions - Photography by Krystina Bullard

All the first moments. Each and every one of them.

This is when you get to know each other.

Once your new baby has arrived, it seems like so many things are happening at once. Between visitors, feeding, changing, and check-ups, there’s a lot going on. Your little one is figuring out the world, and you’re figuring out if sleep is still a thing (spoiler: it’s not).

They may have a lifetime ahead of them, but countless “firsts” are happening right now – first yawns, first feedings, and first snuggles. Admire their tiny and perfect newborn features in the quiet moments between you and your newest treasure.

It seems like you’ll spend hours on end gazing at your miracle and any sense of time disappears – until it’s already passed. This is the purest and most innocent they’ll ever be. Don’t miss the chance to capture that.

While the two of you are still sorting out how to make things work, my job is to show you the joy and limitless love that you felt in this moment.

Fresh 48 Session

$ 525
  • ~30 minute session
  • 20 print-quality digital files (minimum)
  • copyright release for printing
  • on-location (hospital)

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the on-call nature of these sessions, I schedule a limited number of these sessions per month and my calendar fills up fast. You should book as soon as possible. When completing payment, simply choose your due date (month) to secure your spot.

Since the date can be a moving target, we will stay in touch via phone calls and text as needed. I must be on your call list to ensure appropriate timing in this small window.

I will photograph your newborn at the hospital in the most natural setting. There will be no props or unnecessary clothing. Think white onesies and hospital wraps (which I love!).

In the event your babe arrives earlier than planned, has NICU time, or during a time that prevents me from being able to fulfill the fresh 48 session on time in the hospital due to illness or traveling – your session will be automatically transferred to an in-studio life style session to be scheduled within the first two weeks of babes life here earth side (nicu time will be considered of course and the session will take place within the first 1-2 weeks post going home).

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Please view your hospital regulations before booking your session.