Curtis Newborn - K. Bullard Photography

Curtis Newborn

You’re going to die when you see this baby boy’s hair! I always like to ask Mom’s when they come in if the old wives’ tale is true. You know the one about is you have heartburn during your pregnancy you’ll have a baby with a ton of hair. It’s surprisingly, almost always true.
Curtis Newborn - Photography by Krystina Bullard

When Tucker arrived for his session, Mom and Dad did everything perfectly for me in order for Tucker to be ready for his photoshoot. Except, Tucker needed some awake time and several snacks. Super typical and completely fine by me because I know that’s how babies roll.

After that awake time and a few snacks, Tucker was ready for a great nap and I was able to get some really cute shots of him, including his big brother, and Mom and Dad. Y’all are going to love what you see here.

Curtis Newborn - Photography by Krystina Bullard

I like to reassure parents that whatever happens during a newborn session is completely okay. Babies are the boss around my studio. 😉


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