Whitener Family - K. Bullard Photography

Whitener Family

While I provide all props for a newborn session in studio, I always encourage parents to bring anything of their own as well… Especially sentimental items or favorite purchases.
Whitener Family - Photography by Krystina Bullard

For Sutton‘s session, mom had brought a dump truck and the perfect baby blue hat with his name stitched on the front. I just love personalized items like this.

I had assumed when I saw the dump truck, that big brother had probably had his picture made in this dump truck as well, and mom wanted to re-create this picture. While my assumption was right, there was also a lot more story behind this dump truck you see in the picture with Sutton.

I got to talking to mom and asking her questions, and To my surprise, this dump truck had been passed down all the way from the boys’ grandfather. They are Pawpaw used to play with this dump truck as a little boy and then head passed it down to their dad. Big brother had his picture made in the dump truck as a newborn and nail baby brother, Sutton.

Whitener Family - Photography by Krystina Bullard

I always love finding out the history behind items that parents bring to their newborn session. While I tell you that I provide everything I do, and it is completely stressed/worry-free but don’t be afraid to bring sentimental items too!


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