Blakley Newborn - K. Bullard Photography

Blakley Newborn

Newborn sessions can be unpredictable no matter how much you prepare. This little babe just came into the world and is still figuring everything out – what else would you expect from them?
Blakley Newborn - Photography by Krystina Bullard

This is exactly what happened during the Blakley family’s session. Mom had done everything exactly as I had told her, but the baby girl had other plans. She needed a big snack before her model session! And that was completely fine because full baby = happy, sleepy baby! 😂

Anytime a newborn is involved, the session is led by them. When they want to eat, they want to eat. So duh, we feed them!

Mom Kept apologizing to me, and I couldn’t stress enough that it was fine. I’ll allow several hours for newborn sessions for situations like this to happen, and we just roll with it.

Blakley Newborn - Photography by Krystina Bullard

As you see, the baby girl finally fell asleep after a full belly and a diaper change! Most of the time, this is simply all it takes, and then we are on our way to beautiful newborn images.

During a newborn session with me, you can expect me to have everything ready to go as soon as you walk through the door. The night before, I send you detailed directions on how to prepare for your baby session the next morning. If you do these things, we will be golden… sometimes.

Ultimately, it takes patience and always keeping the newborn’s safety and well-being top priority.


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