Birth Sessions - Photography by Krystina Bullard

This is the moment a child and mother are both born.

The day you brought a new life into this world will always be your unique story.

From the moment your body tells you “this is it” until you hear those first cries, your child’s birth day is a roller coaster journey of its own. No amount of preparation or perfect birth plan can truly control the events of this day. You need to be present in this most intimate moment as your body takes over.

As monumental as this occasion is, the sad truth is that too often it goes undocumented. Yes it is raw, personal, and sacred. You will probably say things and make sounds you never thought would come out of you (hello transition). You will be at your most vulnerable and most powerful all at the same time.

As many memories that will be made this day, chances are you will forget most of them, because the life you just brought into this world still needs you – now more than ever.

Those memories and smallest of moments of this day deserve to be captured so the story can live. My job is to be your memory; a quiet perspective to show you just how powerful you really were on this day.

Birth Photography

$ 1200
  • minimum 2-hour commitment
  • print-quality digital files
  • copyright release for printing
  • hospital or home birth

Frequently Asked Questions

I only schedule two birth clients per month and my calendar fills up fast. If you know you want a birth photographer, you should book as soon as possible. When completing payment, simply choose your due date to secure your spot.

Since the date can be a moving target, we will stay in touch via phone calls and text as needed. You are expected to keep in contact with me during your labor process as I will be heading your way when you are dilated to a 6/7. If a scheduled c-section, one hour before the scheduled time.

The short answer is usually, yes! I document home births, hospital births, and even cesarean births (scheduled or unplanned). The key is to have a conversation with your doctor or midwife about your desire to have a birth photographer present.

As long as it takes. Like I said, I understand things will go their own way. As long as we keep an open line of communication with your point person and I stay updated, I will do everything possible to be there at the right time.

I will stay about an hour after delivery to capture those first moments of you, your baby, and your new family. I capture skin to skin moments as well as all the babies first such as weight, measurements, breastfeeding, etc.

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Please view your hospital regulations before booking your session.