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The moment you created a life is powerful. Never forget that.

The miracle of growing a human isn't something that "just happens."

Your body is undergoing an amazing transformation, even if it doesn’t feel that great! As a mom of two, I totally get it. This new body doesn’t exactly make you feel very beautiful no matter how much others brag about how you’re “glowing” (we both know that’s just sweat because it’s always hot).

Too often we get so caught up in all the baby preparations. There’s the announcement that has to be cute with a dash of funny, baby registries, showers, and a room to theme (I bet your Pinterest boards are overloaded). Never mind the fact that you’re tired, swollen, and your hormones have gone berzerk.

Aside from all of that, one fact will always remain. In this season you are stronger and more capable than maybe even you thought possible. That is reason enough to capture this moment.

My job is to show off your grace and power – the real beauty of this season that you won’t want to forget. This little one has an entire journey ahead, and it started right here.

Maternity Session

$ 425
  • 30 minute session time
  • 30 print-quality digital files
  • copyright release for printing
  • 1 location of your choice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every woman carries her baby differently. Some are ready earlier before she gets too uncomfortable or swollen, and some want to be as round as possible for their photos so they can really remember just how large that belly was. My suggestion is somewhere between 30-34 weeks. I’ve photographed moms in their last week – so really, it is up to you and how you are or anticipate feeling!

We want to show off your bump! Form-fitting styles are always appropriate and encouraged. I personally love vintage and classic, but if you are into bright colors that works too! If you are going for an “out in the country” look, then I’d suggest earth/warm tones, sundresses, soft and feminine looks. If you are thinking more of an urban/downtown look, then I’d say play it up with some brighter colors and a more sassy, dressed up look!

Anyone being photographed with you should simply coordinate. No “matchy-matchy” please – just similar or complimentary tones will do. Avoid wearing white if possible, as it washes most people out and steals focus in the photo.

This one is easy: YES!

A little extra make-up is always great for photos, and having your hair professionally done will certainly add to your look and feel for the session. Many just prefer to do it all themselves and that works as well. Just be sure to wear a little extra lip gloss or lipstick! Fun jewelry, hair accessories, and scarves all work great if they compliment your outfit. I love layers and textures, and these items all add dimension to your look!

Feel free to bring along a few special items of the babies to incorporate. Baby shoes, clothes, mementos from the nursery, family heirlooms all add an extra special element to these photos!

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